Guide to Buying a Home 

Buying a home is one of, if not the largest purchase in most people's lives and also one of the most important and complex.

You need someone on your side working for you when buying a home. There are some people out there that think they can get a better price by going directly to the seller's agent to purchase a home. This is incorrect as the seller's agents work for the seller and part of their job is to get the highest and best price for the property for the seller. They are not obligated to help out the buyer by showing them comparable properties that have sold or negotiate on behalf of the buyer for a lower price since they are working for the seller. In fact, many buyers will end up overpaying when not using a buyer's agent since they do not have a knowledgable professional who knows the market, working on their behalf to run the numbers and help negotiate the price. And the best part is that using a buyer's agent is free to you!


Don't go it alone!

So how does a buyer's agent get paid? In most transactions, the seller pays the commission for the buyer's agent AND the seller's agent. So there are no up front or back end fees for the buyer, but the buyer gets a person working for him/her at no cost, and with all of the benefits.

As an Accredited Buyer's Agent (ABR), Lisa Barth has taken several classes and been to training seminars to learn how to be the best buyer's agent. She has been working with buyers for 15 years and knows the process quite well. From shopping for homes, running comps, doing the paperwork, doing inspections, providing referrals for other professionals, and then following up on all of the other steps involved, she works hard to make this process run as smoothly as possible for each buyer.

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